Embroidery wholesale

Embroidery production in the river wholesale and small wholesale

Our company offers customer the service of the embroidery on almost all kinds of fabric in large quantities.
Capacity of our production can meet the virtually any wholesale order. Our experts in the embroidery shop as quickly as possible will make the application of embroidery on clothes, tailoring and clothing items.

Embroidery wholesale in the river in large quantities rather time-consuming process which requires operator embroidery machine maximum attention and concentration. The production includes several mandatory actions, it requires our employees to constantly monitor the quality of the embroidery, to observe the correct operation of the machine, to make production ready the product and immediately put into operation a new workpiece. High professionalism of our employees and the love for his work ensures the highest quality finished product.

Embroidery wholesale is the best visual difference among other types of coating, aesthetic appearance and the harmonious combination of embroidery threads with the tissues immediately catches the eye, so your employees, in whatever area they have not worked will always be the appearance!

One of the main advantages of embroidery wholesale and in large quantities – the price which significantly differs from the price piece products. The quality of the product even higher, as the established manufacturer and constant repetition of the same type of product eliminates errors in the production.

, OOO “Industrial Arsenal” a reliable assistant in your work – high quality, low prices, shortest terms!