Caps with volumetric embroidery

Party of youth caps with 3D embroidery made

After we mastered in our enterprise volumetric embroidery, not the first order was successfully delivered to the customer. This method has recently enjoyed high popularity among young people, so it is in high demand. In principle, embroidery is not a method of application, differing in its simplicity in manufacturing, and if it is a large-scale embroidery, then difficulties in manufacturing are only added! The process of production of such products is rather labor-consuming and requires great effort from specialists. But fortunately our equipment can easily cope with such a task as volumetric embroidery.
In this order we used a dense fabric, directly on which images are deposited. Bulk embroidery is made in a cut – ie. The customer provides us with only the elements of the products on which embroidery is applied, after which the sewing workshop starts to be manufactured.
Before giving a sample to the customer, we usually check for wear resistance and product behavior in different temperature modes – this is an important stage in production, as we must be 100% sure of the quality of the products manufactured.
Caps with volumetric embroidery can become a bright attribute of the consumer, combining the functionality of the headdress in the summer and a stylish addition to the image. At the same time, it stands out favorably among other embroideries by its originality and the presence of volume. If you have decided to place an order for volumetric embroidery with us, you can express your imagination to the maximum – any variations of colors, embroidery techniques, combining voluminous embroidery and standard – whether it’s smooth or covered. We see no reason to refuse you, even in the case of the complexity of the order – in fact it is also very important for us to gain invaluable experience, and the more complex the order, the more interesting its manufacture. Restricting ourselves to simple products, we thereby stand in place as specialists, and in modern market conditions, with high demands and high competition – this is unacceptable!
We always strive to keep up with the times and add to the list of services provided more and more opportunities!

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