With the advent of market opportunities to put the image of the thermal capabilities of employees branding and promotions have become virtually unlimited.

This method of image transfer will help realize even the most daring desires! Many organizations are now using the application of your logo by printing for its employees on working clothes, and promotions.
We consider as individual order according to your layouts with the original picture, and for large organizations. Price and production time will depend on size, complexity and quantity of your products.
When drawing on the shirt it will take an original and beautiful look, with this you will stand out appearance from others.
Now there are so many kinds of uniforms – on any of them have the logo by printing. Aprons, caps, armbands, t-shirts, sweatshirts and ties can be listed very long, but limitations in printing on this product no.

Us for a long time and successfully solved the problem of printing on fabrics films Siser: PS Film(cotton and blended fabric), P. S. Extra(synthetic fabric), P. S. Stretch(stretch fabric), PS Electric(the film with the effect of retro-reflection), PS Perfor(perforated film),Videoflex(glossy film),Stripflock(velvet tape), 3D XPD(bulk film), 3D Techno(surround film), P. S. Metallic(metallic film). Now we are not limited in the fantasies not only about the types of fabrics, but also in the quality and appearance of the applied image. Due to the peculiarities of the Italian film production the product can withstand up to 30 washes without losing the desired properties.


Through the use of modern equipment we are able to achieve the highest quality of their work.

Thermal printing it is possible to perform from 1 unit.

The main advantages of thermal printing:

  • images are applied on any kinds of fabric, both natural and synthetic;
  • the images have a high contour sharpness and a wide color gamut;
  • the image can give it any texture, thanks to the use of different textured films;
  • the image can be given any visual effect (e.g. gloss, Matt or phosphorescent);
  • with proper care (washing at a temperature not exceeding 50º), image long retain its quality and brightness.