Industrial embroidery (machine)

Embroidery computer (machine) is a translation of an image by special software at the points that are connected together using a needle and embroidery thread.


Embroidery our embroidery machines allow us to embroider images of any complexity at speeds up to 1200 St/min. Thanks to a special snap-ins we can easily visiem on ready caps, sleeves, trousers. Embroidery is done at embroidery machines Velles and who are a world leader in the production of sewing equipment and proven company that produces high-quality equipment with high performance.

Besides the stitches are stitched in a certain direction and in a certain order, ultimately, to create real art canvas.


Embroidery can be unique advertising and information means without loosing its artistic expressiveness. Most often used for the application of trademarks on cloth, leather, felt, as well as for finished products, corporate clothing, etc. colors and their combination is possible in all variations. Trademark turns into a bright attribute of the product, becoming an organic element of its composition. You can embroider on various types of clothes, including uniform, working clothes.Embroidery is the choice of those who wish that the staff had a distinctive sign of your company. The place of the application has no limitations be itheadgear employee of the hall или vest storekeeper.

The terms of the order – from one day, depending on image complexity and amount of embroidery.
Advantages of computer embroidery, of course, is speed and high quality, as well as the ability to embroider any image. In this case, the execution of drawings can be done in any size. Not to mention the longevity of computer embroidery and the stability of the colourings of the threads. Even after multiple washes clothes with machine embroidery will not lose its original appearance. Due to the high quality of most of the companies involved in the development of advertising campaigns, recommend that their clients embroidery.

If we consider the possibility of using computer embroidery, they are not limited. It all depends on you! In the case if you are not confident with a choice of logo and site of application – we will help you, based on your extensive experience in this area!

Embroidery is easily performed on the product of copies from 1 unit.