Sewing Party of Reglans

Stylish raglan under the order

Our company is engaged in wholesale tailoring to order. The range of our sewing services includes a wide variety of types of products – from household and workwear to industrial textile products. Our base of used models includes a large number of clothes – a huge experience in the Ukrainian market has made us one of the leading manufacturers in its field and has recommended us as a responsible and diligent tailoring contractor!

Raglan is a popular product, popular not only among young people but also among all age groups. Free cut combines the severity of cut and at the same time sports style. They can be worn both in winter, under warm clothing, but also in cooler times.
The order came from our regular customer, who successfully distributes various youth clothes, among which are the raglan of our production! The color of this model is melange, which can be combined with the whole range of colors, and the cut of the product guarantees a harmonious look both with sportswear, and with jeans or shorts.

The standard production time for sewing clothes is two weeks, starting from your turn for sewing. Each product carries out a quality check, is packed in a separate package and, if the customer so desires, is marked with the necessary trademark. The size range at us coincides with the standards of Ukraine, which you can find in the tab “Sewing clothes”.

You can also use the service of drawing images and logos. We offer embroidery on fabrics, silk-screen printing and thermal printing. Each of these types of application has its advantages and advantages. Do not forget that some types of application do not combine with different types of fabrics. Silk-screen printing does not lie on synthetic fibers, such as balon; Embroidery is not combined with thin fabrics, and thermal printing is applied to all types of fabrics, but is the most expensive application.

As you can see, we offer a wide range of services and we manufacture turnkey clothes.

“Industrial Arsenal” LLC a reliable assistant in your work – high quality, low prices, shortest terms!