Шелкотрафаретная печать
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  • Posted: 3 November 2015

Screen printing 1

Firm "Z craft" offers its clients the service of application silk-screen printing on textiles. The presence of the necessary modern equipment helps to perform a wide range of services in the short term. We offer high quality work at the most competitive prices.  

Screen printing 2

Screen printing technology enables the patterning, logos, texts of any complexity on textiles and clothing. To perform special technology and machine of the carousel type, which is applied to the dye on the textile of a desired image through a special grid (stencil). The advantages of screen printing: the the High performance. the ...


Screen printing 3

Screen printing on fabric is a method of printing in which CMYK image is created by forcing plastisol ink through the stencil onto the fabric. Measuring the size of the cells in the leaf stencil, we can achieve any desired quality of image. with proper care this application can easily ...

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