Clothes with prints

We suggest drawing images on clothing in the Dniprо

It’s getting warmer and warmer, so you need to worry about your stylish appearance for the summer. Our company provides a wide range of services in the clothing industry, one of which is the application of prints to clothing.
Before making an order it is necessary to decide on a number of issues, so we can choose the optimal type of application. The first thing you need to know is how much are you ready to order?

When applying for a large number of clothes with prints, the best for you will be silk-screen printing. This application is applied in large batches – from 50 pieces. Silk-screen printing refers to a full-color print (although one-color print is not excluded), in which the ink is applied directly to the fabric, soaking in the very structure of the fibers. Clothing with prints printed with silkscreen printing is a bright product that can withstand more than fifty washes, without losing color or cracking, as opposed to thermal transfer.

If the print you want is not full-color and the number is small, then you need to select thermal printing. It is more expensive in comparison with silk screen printing, excludes full-color printing, but it has significant advantages, which include the ability to print prints in small quantities and different texture of films. Modern producers of thermal film offer a huge number of varieties of material – velvet, corrugated with various patterns, reflective, matte, pearly and many other varieties! If you are interested in a non-standard invoice logo – here you can see the catalog of possible applications.

The main condition when ordering our clothes with prints is the availability of your layout, which must be done in .cdr .ai .eps formats, all the rest will be done by our specialists who have been working in this field for many years!
If you are not sure about the image, we will also help you choose the optimal one, based on your preferences and specify the most profitable place of application and size!

Clothes with prints are a choice of stylish people who will favorably allocate you among the crowd, will cheer up both to you and to others!

“Industrial Arsenal” LLC a reliable assistant in your work – high quality, low prices, shortest terms!