Printing on T-shirts Antonio Biaggi

We print on T-shirts in the Dnieper

Every day the question of T-shirts with a seal becomes more urgent. Our company produces a coating on all types of fabrics using various printing methods. Thermo printing, embroidery.

This order was made on the model of the customer – T-shirt Antonio Biaggi, with a collar on buttons, in corporate colors. T-shirts are made of cooler, containing 100% cotton. The application is made by silk-screen printing – since the logo has small elements, this application is the most optimal.

The manufacture of this product consists of a series of sequential actions.
At the initial stage, the fabric is sent to the cutting department, where patterns are prepared according to the model of the sample according to the pre-made patterns. If there are several places of application, the necessary cut parts are sent for printing. Silk-screen printing is distinguished by its ability to produce inexpensive prints in a short time with high quality.
After all the parts have been printed, they are sent to the sewing workshop where our seamstresses start the final assembly of the products. All products are tested by OTK for shortcomings – all t-shirts with flaws are sent back to the sewing workshop to correct mistakes. Order shipment must be at the highest level.
The finished products are packed and then fed to the warehouse.

Delivery of finished products is carried out by the customer or by any delivery service available to you.

“Industrial Arsenal” LLC a reliable assistant in your work – high quality, low prices, shortest terms!
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