Soft toys “Citrus”

Prepared parity of magical toys for the chain of stores “Citrus”

Our company received an application for the production of a batch of soft toys to provide a network of shops with stylized pads for advertising purposes.
Toys are made of hypoallergenic material in accordance with generally accepted requirements for soft toys. The products are embroidered in the form of eyes with a smile.
At our enterprise there is a system of operational sewing. Its essence lies in the fact that one product undergoes a series of operations – each seamstress does her specific work, due to which the speed significantly increases.
The manufacture of any product goes through a number of stages before shipment to the customer. Initially, a cutting map is made showing all the necessary parts of the product. After the cutting card is ready, the production of products begins, namely cutting. In the cutting shop, all the elements of the product are cut according to the patterns.
Next, the finished items are sent to the sewing workshop, where the main work begins – the collection of the product. All elements pass mandatory quality check by the workshop master, because the smallest flaw in the cross-linking can lead to the fact that the finished product will have a shape that does not correspond to the reference sample.
After the product is sewn, all the fillers are in their places and in principle can be sent to the customer, it is sent to the packaging. At the packaging site, final quality control takes place, and in the event of a marriage, the product is returned back to the workshop to eliminate flaws. Packed products are sent to the warehouse, where they are expected to be taken directly by the customer or shipped by Ukrainian carriers.
Depending on the type of product in one of the stages, the product can be sent to the print shop or embroidery to apply the logo. The type of application is chosen according to the wishes of the customer – it depends on the budget of the product or the customer’s preferences for the appearance of the finished product.
Our company is responsible for the quality of manufactured products, because our main credo is first and foremost quality! Therefore, if you are interested in the quality of order fulfillment, democratic prices and short terms – you will not regret having stopped your choice on us!

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