Every day each of us sees in daily life the results of the cutting plotter. This design showcases, kiosks, manufacturing various advertising materials, signs and much more.

Have the time to be creative or want to try to start an advertising business without risks? We will gladly cut any tape on Your layouts in the shortest possible time.

How is cutting plotter?


The computer is set to the vector model, which using certain programs is transmitted to the plotter. And plotter in turn repeats with high accuracy transmitted data vector layout, cutting the film to the substrate. After the plotter cut out the layout on paper (substrate), our experts can customers to remove all unnecessary elements, leaving only those that will be pasted.



The image is made using a cutting plotter can easily endure on any surface. In simple words, creates a stencil from the film, which is then glued on any surface.

We perform cutting so that the cut made by the plotter, does not strike the substrate. As a result, the clipped image can easily be applied to the surface.



“Z-craft” uses modern high quality plotters that perform cutting with high accuracy. Cutting accuracy is caused by the vacuum clamping of the sheet that holds the sheet in place.